Finding Your Best!

Overwhelmed with life's choices???

FOUR steps to "Finding the Best"

  • How do you say NO?
  • What kinds of things should you say YES to?
  • Overwhelmed with life's choices?

Discover for yourself with this easy 4-step process. You will walk through each step:

1. List Your Activities
2. Discover Your Expectations
3. WHY?
4. Eliminate

"The good is always the enemy of the best."

So many good things fill our hearts and minds. What is the best? Finding the "best" is extremely hard, and it takes time. It also means we are constantly needing to evaluate. I would suggest taking the challenge every few months. I know with each change of season l I need to reevaluate. I need to find a new rhythm. It is SO EASY to get busy, but we can find rest in the middle of it. The next four steps are designed to help you determine what is your best!

Finding Your Best

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