Plan the Perfect Quiet Time With God!

In this guide I will walk you through these questions:

  • Where do I read?
  • How much do to read?
  • Where do I read?

After answering these questions (AND MORE) I also guide you to find the perfect spot, time, and where to even read in the Bible!

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    I LOVE the reading plans created by Sarah Frazer. I’m a new(ish) Christian and always looking for ways to dive deeper into God’s Word. These plans are a quick and easy way to ensure you open your Bible daily.

    Tara K.

    Charleston, WV

    What you get:

    • Instructions on how to use the guide.
    • A 5-step PROVEN process to help you plan your Bible reading and prayer time.
    • Blank pages to fill-in your answers.

    What is it all about?

    If you wait for literal quiet to spend it with God, you will never find it. You will lay your head on the pillow each night wishing you had more time. But the reality is, no matter how much time you really have, you will spend it doing what you have made a priority in your life. So make Him a priority. The way we do this is PLANNING!

    This guide will help you PLAN your Bible reading and prayer quiet time! With this guide you will also get detailed instructions to getting started.