Want to start an in-home Bible study?

A 21-page workbook on how to start one - today!

How to Start Your Own Bible Study at Home!

Maybe you are a little intimidated and your inadequacies are right in front of your face. Download your FREE workbook:

“How to Start Your Own In-Home Bible Study”!

It includes all of the tips and practices above, plus how to host your own Bible study.

I’ve expounded on the five steps of leading a good Bible study in this workbook and I hope you will check it out.

With 15 years of expense, I've developed this amazing FREE 21-page workbook on starting your own in-home Bible study. If you know 3 people who would like to study the Bible with you, you can start one.

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Get the workbook today.

Believe me, I struggled for many years feeling like I wasn’t enough to lead a Bible study. God reminded me over and over again: No, I’m not, but He is.

Women will show up for your Bible study because of the Bible, not you.

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