Sarah’s Courses

Connect with God

If you long for a deeper connection with God, find something to help you on this page. Here you will find several great resources specifically designed to help overwhelmed and busy women just like you:

  • Dive deeper into the Word
  • Discover the power of prayer
  • Have confidence when reading your Bible
  • Find a community to help equip and encourage you

Let’s Read the Bible Course

Decorative image for Sarah Frazer's course featuring a woman reading the Bible with an overlay of the words 'Let's Read the Bible

Embark on an extraordinary journey to go deeper in your faith with our “Let’s Read the Bible” course. Designed for new moms seeking solace and joy amidst the challenges of motherhood, this transformative course offers practical guidance and empowering tips to reignite your passion for reading the Scriptures. Discover the perfect Bible translation to resonate with your heart, delve into profound insights with a dedicated discovery journal, carve out focused moments of solitude to dive into God’s Word, embark on an enlightening journey starting with Matthew or Genesis, and cultivate consistency even in the busiest seasons of life. Join us on this remarkable course and unlock the transformative power of the Scriptures. Experience a renewed sense of peace and joy as you journey deeper into the richness of your faith through the pages of the Bible.

A Psalm Study Course

Decorative image for Sarah Frazer's course featuring an open Bible with an overlay of the words 'A Psalm Study'

By enrolling in this psalm study course, you can expect a range of benefits that will enhance your understanding and appreciation of the Book of Psalms. Whether you choose to engage in the course individually or as part of a group, you’ll receive easy-to-follow devotional and reading plans to help you stay focused. The course provides in-depth teachings on multiple psalms, allowing you to explore them at your own pace. With over 100 pages of workbook and reading plan material, you’ll have step-by-step guidance throughout your journey. Immerse yourself in the encouraging words of hope and joy found within one of the richest books of the Bible. As a bonus, you’ll also gain insights into having a daily quiet time and understanding the entire Bible without needing a theological degree. Start your psalm study today and gain instant access to teaching videos, PDF devotionals, guidance on how to study the Bible, tips for planning the perfect quiet time, and much more. Get ready to dive into the Psalms and unlock their profound wisdom and transformative power in your life.

Cultivate Your Prayer Life Course

Decorative image for Sarah Frazer's course featuring a woman praying with an overlay of the words 'Cultivate Your Prayer Life'

During our time together in this course, my goal is to leave you convinced of three powerful truths: prayer is vital, prayer is doable, and God is listening. Through personal prayer stories and practical strategies, I will guide you on a transformative journey that will reshape your understanding and practice of prayer. Don’t wait any longer—join the class today and gain valuable insights. I will share a wealth of stories and provide highly practical tips for transforming your prayer life. Discover how to make prayer a priority even in the midst of life’s chaos, gain confidence in knowing that God is attentive to your prayers, find solutions for maintaining focus during prayer, receive guidance on where to start your prayer journey, and learn the best practices for consistency in your prayer life. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to deepen your connection with God through the power of prayer.

How to Study the Bible Course

Decorative image for Sarah Frazer's course featuring an open Bible, notebook, and pen with an overlay of the words 'How to Study the Bible'

Unlock the transformative power of the Bible with our “How to Study the Bible” course, designed for beginners, intermediate, and advanced readers. Journey through the Bible’s entire story, explore its 7 genres, and learn 4 essential questions to ask when studying. Discover where to start reading and access the top 3 free online resources for in-depth study. Additionally, master the art of planning the perfect quiet time and receive a prayer planner. This course is a game-changer for overwhelmed women seeking a fresh perspective, empowerment, and a deeper understanding of the Bible. Enroll today for only $17 (valued at $47) and embark on a life-changing spiritual adventure.