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I Didn’t Sign Up for This

How to Rest in God’s Goodness When Your Story Shifts

What happens when our story suddenly shifts? Out of nowhere a plot twist occurs, and the life we had all planned out abruptly looks like something quite different. We are left with uncertainty, disappointment, even heartbreak. In these moments we are tempted to question everything: our purpose, the choices that led us here, even our faith. Yes, we want to grow through the hurt and disappointment—but we don’t know how. Yet we don’t want to just endure the season; we want to see a purpose in it. We want to know that God hasn’t left us and that He has good things waiting for us.

Sarah Frazer: I Didn't Sign Up for This book release

You’re not alone in wanting this. As author Sarah Frazer journeys with you through the story of Moses, you’ll find that even a hero of God’s people faced all sorts of confusing and painful plot twists too. Moses didn’t settle in the Promised Land, but He met the Lord of Promise. His legacy reminds us that even with a life crushed with disappointment, God’s plan goes forth, God’s presence provides, God’s promises are personal, and God’s purpose is never thwarted. As you journey through his life in these pages, you’ll discover:  

  • how life’s plot twists and interruptions are actually the ways God is working
  • how God uses the darkest circumstances to proclaim His sovereign goodness
  • how to number your days rightly, recognize God’s hand in each branch of your path, and cultivate a heart of wisdom and trust
  • how to say goodbye to disillusionment and instead invite God’s plan, presence, promises, and purpose back into your heart

Friend, let God pick you up and show you how to grow through whatever detour, setback, heartache, or disappointment life has thrown at you. Like Moses, you may not have signed up for the path you’re on, but God can—and will—see you through it. 

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