Bible Reading Planning Guide


If you wait for literal quiet to spend it with God, you will never find it. You will lay your head on the pillow each night wishing you had more time. But the reality is, no matter how much time you really have, you will spend it doing what you have made a priority in your life. So make Him a priority. The way we do this is PLANNING!

This guide will help you PLAN your Bible reading and prayer quiet time! With this guide you will also get detailed instructions to getting started.

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After arriving home with my first born son, I thought I would have all of this new-founded time to spend in God’s Word! My teaching job had ended and he was born in May. I had the entire summer before me to really dive deep into prayer and Bible reading.

Only. I didn’t.

My “quiet time” was nonexistent. It was a rude awaking to have to care for someone ALL DAY LONG. The things I loved to do were pushed to the side. At first I was ok with it. Until my quiet time was one of the things I pushed aside. Suddenly I felt out of touch from God and spiritually I was became dry.

Fast forward to today. Five kids later – and STILL I find myself making excuses as to why I don’t read my Bible.

In the dry season, I became so thirsty, but also discouraged because I couldn’t figure out when or how to find time to meet with God. I felt like I was tired all of the time and this little human took up ALL of my “extra time.” I can’t remember what exactly changed, only I knew something needed to change. Maybe it was when I was so irritable and crying all of the time, but I remember just starting small.

Get started TODAY!
You can download this 10-page workbook and you will find: 

  • Instructions on how to use the guide.
  • A 5-step PROVEN process to help you plan your Bible reading and prayer time.
  • Blank pages to fill-in your answers.
  • Prayers to pray over Bible study.
  • Prayer prompts for the weary heart.
  • Detailed Bible reading plans.
  • 10 Bible Journaling Tips
  • Blank Prayer Notebook pages
  • Blank Journaling pages
  • List of resources for deeper Bible study.


  • Audio Devotional: What Can Grow in the Dark?
  • 5 minute prayer cards
  • Prayer notebook