Light Breaks Through

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During the Christmas Season, do you find yourself surrounded by darkness?

Maybe it is full of fear, anxiety, or depression. Maybe family relationships are strained, so the holidays are only filled with bitterness and strife. Darkness seems to permeate our world. Wintertime is harsh with cold and snow. Even in the sunshine, the air is bitter. Night is never meant to last forever, though.

Jesus, who came to earth to show us the Father, is the Light of the World. Let’s speak truth to our hearts each day leading up to Christmas.

Light breaks through the darkness. The very first spoken words of creation were “Let there be light.” Before the sun, moon, and stars, He created light. Before the waters or the skies or the plants or animals, God made light.

Without light we find darkness. And darkness continues to permeate our world. It is darkness we sometimes feel most strongly during the season of Christmas. Wintertime brings less sunshine, and a coldness we often associate with darkness.

“Light Breaks Through” is an advent reading plan designed to be read from December 1st –  December 25th. This devotional takes you through the entire Bible focusing on the Light of the World!

With this purchase, you will receive the devotional book, which includes:

  • A 20-day reading plan
  • 20 advent devotionals
  • 5 prayers for advent
  • 4 memory verses
  • 20 days of rest suggestions

You will also get these BONUSES:

  • Discussion questions for your child
  • 5 coloring sheets for your child
  • 4 coloring sheets for you
  • 5 scripture posters
  • Memory verse cards
  • 3 pages of printable gift tags
  • 4 different printable Christmas cards

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