Our Adoption

our adoption story

It all began with a concert……

We arrived early for an Andrew Peterson concert, but were invited to stay for the speaker. It was going to be a closing to a conference the church had been having all week. A mission’s conference, on “Widows and Orphans.” We had never heard of the speaker, at the time, Russell Moore. However, as we sat listening to his adoption story, and his call for the church to be involved in orphan care, Jason and I both realized God was calling us to adopt.

Fast forward a year later, we were introduced again to the idea of adoption through Russell Moore’s book: Adopted for Life. In 2013 we made phone calls, wrote emails, surfed the web, and read books to find the right path for us to follow. There are so many questions to ask before we could even take one step. But we knew, without a shadow of a doubt, God was calling us to adopt. Even when Jason lost his job on the day of our first home study meeting, we felt it was attack from the enemy – not a “no” from God. We have never felt so sure of something in our entire lives. We knew if we didn’t adopt, we would be disobeying God’s will for our lives.

On January 1, 2014 we filled out our first application.  We welcomed our baby girl home in March of 2015. You can read about our trip to China here.

We never knew how God would use a tiny little seed, like a book or a message from one person, to blossom into something so beautiful! We are excited to announce we are adopting again! You can read about our second adoption from China here: Frazer Adoption. Click on the picture below to support!

Frazer Adoption From China

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