Summer of Psalms for Busy Moms

Hey busy mom…

I see you mom, in your PJs, feeling guilty because you haven’t showered in two days. I see you mom, wishing you were the one taking the kids to the pool. I see you mom, rushing around and feeling the sadness of losing yourself in the summer.

You feel like you have no time for yourself,
let alone God!

  • Do you struggle with finding time to read the Bible during the summer?
  • Is your summer Bible study routine mismatched and disjointed?
  • Do you lack focus and direction in Bible reading, especially in the summer?

Check out my UPDATED 40-day reading plan.

In this plan you will be able to read the psalm, write your prayers and journal your thoughts and answer reflection questions all in one place!


What if I told you God is waiting for you this summer?

SUMMER OF PSALMS FOR BUSY MOMS is the perfect answer to your busy schedule. Find room for God, spend time in his word and in prayer. Look to the LORD and seek his face aways!

All scripture is from the King James Version of the Bible. 

In addition to the 40-page UPDATED journal, you will receive these BONUS PAGES:

  • Psalms to Help You Fall Asleep
  • Praying the Names of God Worksheet
  • Prayers Sheets
  • Write the Word Sheets

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Also included!

40 pages of devotionals like this –>

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