Let’s Read the Bible – The Letters of John 

Let’s Read the Bible – The Letters of John 

Remember the days when we were young and we sent actual letters in the mail? At the end of Bible camp one summer when I was twelve, the girls in my cabin exchanged mailing addresses. I sent almost everyone on that list a card, but only one girl wrote me back. Her name was Heather and we sent letters to each other for years. During our teenage years the internet came to homes. We then exchanged emails and continued our correspondence. Today we are still friends! Can you believe we still message and talk every once in a while, even after all these years?

Letters, whether written, typed, or texted, are a way for our hearts to be united with another. Communication between distances is made possible because of it. This month my community and I are studying some letters written more than two thousand years ago. John, an apostle and beloved disciple of Jesus Christ wrote letters we can still read today. 

These letters, 1, 2, 3 John are found in our New Testament. Although very short (you could literally read them in less than twenty minutes) they contain some powerful messages we need in our modern world. Did you know that John wrote to warn the believers to guard against false teaching? And the core of John’s message is that even established Christians sometimes doubt whether we have it right. Yes, even I have experienced doubts in my faith. But John’s letters are a beacon of light shining a true Light on the true Gospel and the Truth we need!

I hope you will consider studying the letters of John. You can get the complete Bible Study and Reading Guide here. In it you will find a wealth of information to study these amazing books of the Bible. The guide comes with all of the background information needed to understand the books, a detailed account of the purpose, themes, and audience for these three books. Read about the “Beloved” Disciple and what motivated him to write these letters. 

The study guide also continues a list of key verses, a reading guide with additional passages to read that correspond with the books of 1, 2,3, John. You will also receive a detailed study guide! If you like to study the Bible you will love this feature. You can download all six simple steps and after going through each one you will have a deeper and fuller understanding of 1,2,3 John! 

Get the study guide here.

I also created a quick (less than 15 minutes) video on the background of 1, 2, 3 John – what you need to understand these books! Watch the video here.

Don’t just get the Reading and Study Guide – get MORE if you subscribe to the “Let’s Read the Bible Subscription.”

In it you will get access to:

1. Teaching videos

2. A thirty-page PDF workbook that outlines how to study the Book of Ruth.

3. Access to a private Facebook group with community check-ins and accountability! 

*Bonus. If you join now you also get access to the study guides for the books of Philippians AND Ruth – free! (Worth $40)

Here’s the good news: even if you only have five minutes here or ten minutes there, you can absolutely read, study, and learn from the Bible right at your kitchen counter or waiting in the school pick up line.

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