Let’s Read the Bible: Matthew

Let’s Read the Bible: Matthew

Jesus is our King! 

The theme and heart of the Gospel of Matthew sings this theme throughout its pages. The very first book in our New Testament is Matthew. It is one of the three gospels that share Jesus’ life in a chronological order. Luke and Mark tell about Jesus’ life in similar ways. Matthew, Mark, and Luke include many events and speeches made by Jesus.

Matthew focuses on Jesus being the Messiah, the King of the Old Testament promised way back from when God promised it to Abraham. That is why Matthew 1:1 begins his genealogy with Abraham. Matthew wanted to show how Jesus is God’s promised Messiah! 

Some believe the “theme” verse for this gospel could be Matthew 1:21: “She will bear a son, and you shall call his name Jesus, for he will save his people from their sins.” Matthew focuses on all of the aspects of Jesus’ discourses and miracles that center around sin. Matthew gives us some of the most striking details of Jesus’ death and payment for our sin. 

As you read Matthew take notice of what is included about Jesus’ life and ministry. One commentary notes that Matthew breaks Jesus’ life up into 5 aspects. This may be to point to the five books of the Law of Moses. The book is very Jewish in language, customs, and events. Take notice of

Jesus’ teaching and ministry (Mt 3–25)

Book 1 (Mt 3–7)

Jesus gains followers (Mt 3–4)

Sermon on the Mount (Mt 5–7)

Book 2 (Mt 8–10)

Jesus works miracles (Mt 8–9)

Jesus sends his disciples (Mt 10)

Book 3 (Mt 11–13:52)

Jesus is confronted, withdraws (Mt 11–12)

Parables about the kingdom (Mt 13:1–52)

Book 4 (Mt 13:53–18:35)

Jesus is revealed as the son of God (Mt 13:53–17:27)

How “greatness” works in the Kingdom (Mt 18)

Book 5 (Mt 19–25)

People struggle with Jesus’ kingship (Mt 19–23)

Teachings of judgment in the kingdom to come (Mt 24–25) 

*Outline taken from https://overviewbible.com/matthew/ .

Knowing the background of an author is key to gaining even more understanding about the book. Matthew was a Jewish man, but he was also an outcast. As you read through Matthew, what stories does he include? Do these stories focus on outcasts of society? It can help us understand a book of the Bible better when we know about the author. 

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