Why God Uses Stories

Why God Uses Stories

Do you like stories? 

As a child I loved listening to my mom read us stories. She also taught us stories at church and with Gospel clubs during the summer hosted in our homes. Growing up I heard stories all of the time. Stories about people and places I’d never been to, but stories took me there. 

As soon as I was old enough to pick my own stories I did just that. My mom homeschooled all four of her children and the library was our home away from home. I spent hours and hours in our town’s tiny library. As the years went by, I read almost every single chapter book in that library. We went once a week, and I took full advantage of the frequent trips. I read books like the Mandie Series, Frank Peretti, Anne Frank’s Diary, and more! The Little House on the Prairie and Anne of Green Gables were also some of my childhood favorite stories. 

Moving into my teenage years I devoured the classes, especially all of the Jane Austin books. Stories took me places. They held their hands out and offered me a peek into a life I would never lead. I learned about characters I had never met, and those characters became my friends. They showed me about the world and what was possible. Good stories reveal the truths about the world and even today I love good stories. 

Some of my all-time favorite books in the last few years are The Book Thief, Remarkably Bright Creatures, and Billy Summers.

Stories Are For Our Benefit

Through stories I even learn about God and my own life. I think God loves stories. He wrote several stories for us in the Bible. Unlike the fiction mentioned above, God’s stories are more than just entertainment. Those stories are real. Those Bible stories tell us about God, this world, and ourselves. The stories we read in the Bible are God’s inspired Word and as Paul tells Timothy, they are for our benefit. 

God gives us stories to teach us and guide us. Just like fiction stories can sometimes point us this way, the stories in the Bible are meant to lead us to God. Because the stories in the Bible are the most important and they have a perfect Author, we can learn so much from those stories. It doesn’t matter how many times I read the stories in the Bible, God always gives me something fresh or new about Himself in those stories. 

That’s why I created this new reading plan. If you click this link, it will take you to a page to enter your email. If you do so, you will be able to have instant access to this free Bible reading plan

Let’s Read the Bible: Stories That Point Us to God

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