Three Steps to Make Your Own Bible Reading Plan

Three Steps to Make Your Own Bible Reading Plan 

What are you struggling with right now in your life? Do you need hope, joy, faith, or strength? I’ve talked for years about how the Bible meets every single one of our needs. It is true. Sometimes we might not know where to start reading.  If the Bible really does speak into every need we have, where do we find these verses? How do we find help when the Bible seems so big and hard to read? 

Step One

You don’t have to be a Bible scholar to make your own Bible reading plan. In fact, all you need is a little time and patience. The first step is to figure out what you want to study. Hope? Freedom? Prayer? The best thing to start out with is a word or a smaller phrase. 

Step Two

Once you have your phrase, you will need to go to a Bible search engine. or Usually in the top corner you can see a box to search. Step two is to type your word or phrase into the search box and there will be a list of verses pop up on the next page.  

Step Three

After the list of verses appear, take a piece of paper or open a word document. Somewhere where you can make a list of verses. This last step is to write down at least 10-20 (no more than 40) verses you could read that relate to your topic. 

Additional Ideas

Once you have your list it is easy to just read one verse a day, but if you want a challenge, look at the surrounding verses. Maybe you can even read the entire chapter that verse appears in. Challenge yourself to look beyond that one verse. Usually the context of the verse gives more detail and expands your understanding of that verse. 

Another great idea is to pick verses or chapters that relate to your topic and then keep a journal while you read. What do you learn about love, joy, peace, or prayer from these verses? Keep a record and write down some thoughts or questions. It will help deepen your Bible reading and provide a richer experience! 

Bible reading is so vital. Often we want to understand all that we read, but what if God just wants us to read? There is power in just reading and although I love deep, in-depth Bible study, reading the Bible without an agenda, just soaking up the words has become such a powerful part of my regular quiet time routine. I pray you will make your own study, based on what you might need in your life, and find the Bible really does have all of the answers! 

Making a Bible reading plan does not have to be difficult. You can create a custom Bible study plan to fit what you would like to learn, study, or even something you are struggling with. As always, I’ve created several Bible reading plans and you can click here to see them!

Sarah E. Frazer is a writer and Bible study mentor at She is the wife of Jason and mother of five who all serve as full-time missionaries in Honduras. Her passion is to encourage women to fall in love with the Bible. Sarah is the author of several Bible study resources for women. She share tools for deep-rooted Bible study at Follow her on Instagram ( and join her free prayer challenge at

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