The Best Journals to Buy to Write God’s Word

The best journals to get in God's Word

The Best Journals to Buy to Write God’s Word 

Recently I shared about several different ways we can journal God’s word. In this article I encourage you to just use what you have laying around – even a blank spiral notebook would work! However, if you are overwhelmed with where to start with this method, I want to let you know you aren’t alone. When I was first starting out I was too afraid of not doing it “right” I bought all kinds of pre-made journals! I think at one time I had five different journal sitting on my bookshelf. I’ve tired a lot more! 

Discover some of the best Bible journals

Today I want to offer a little encouragement: It is OK to want a pre-made journal. No, you do not need to purchase anything to be closer to God. You don’t need to journal to write out the Bible, but if you would like to and need direction, don’t worry! I have you covered. Here are my top four picks for the best journals to buy to write out God’s Word. 

Pre-made Bible journals

1. Write the Word by Cultivate What Matters

These were the very first Write the Word journals I ever bought. I still buy them and gift them to friends. These journals are beautiful and very well made. I love that they give you the verse and you don’t have to think about it! It’s simple: Open your Write the Word journal, write out the preselected scripture, and feel your faith grow—no perfection required!

2. The Daily Grace Co. Journals

If I had to pick one shop to get your Bible study materials from (other than mine), it would be this company. Not only are these journals amazingly beautiful, they are practical. You can find blank journals, guided journals, and Bible study journals. I like this one the best.

3. Do a New Thing Journal

I discovered Christa’s journal this year. Although it is not particularly designed for just writing God’s word, I’ve found it a perfect journal for it! It is designed for small spaces, so there isn’t room for reflection, but it is perfect for one-two verses a day. You’ll cycle through the days each month and start seeing God’s faithfulness and your progress unfold on the pages in just a few weeks.

4. Write The Word Journal

My own Write the Word Journal is a great way to stay in tune with God’s word. When you use the Write the Word journal you will have space each day to write out the one-two verses provided. Go deeper as you slow down and write out God’s Word. AND the Write the Word journal includes plenty of space to be creative, no matter how small or large you like to write. The flexible download can be printed in two sizes. You can print the smaller version, which can be folded and placed in your Bible. The second version is a 8×11.5 sized. Print this version and then either get it bound or put it in a binder to keep it safe.

The best Bible journaling books to buy

Whatever you use – get in God’s word! 

Remember – the Write the Word Journal is ON SALE! 

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