Four Ways to Journal the Bible

Four Ways to Journal the Bible 

When I get a new notebook I love it! In fact, I love getting a new, blank notebook so much I often buy a new one before I’m even finished with the old one. If you look at my bookshelf you will see a brightly colored section of blank notebooks. Occasionally I’ll have one of my children come and ask me for one of the blank ones.

“You don’t use them!” They say. 

Only, I do use them. And today I want to share with you four ways you can journal the Bible. You might take one of these suggestions and begin today. If you want to wait and buy a pretty notebook that’s fine. But I encourage you to start today – with whatever you have laying around. Even if it is an old, partly used journal, get a pen and start today with one of these methods. 

Four Bible Journaling Methods 

1. Write prayer. I’ve had periods in my life when Bible reading has been tough. The anxiety or depression I’ve dealt with sucks my energy right out. Thinking deeply about a Bible passage is HARD. During those seasons I have to be honest with what I can do mentally. During those times I’ve found journaling my payers to be extremely effective. Just writing down my thoughts and pleas to God frees them from my cloudy brain. I love writing out names of people as well. Seeing their names in ink reminds me to pray for them. I encourage you to use your journal today to just simply write out prayers!

2. Write questions. Don’t be afraid to question what you are reading. God can handle your questions. A journal is a great place to record questions you have while you read your Bible. Later, check a commentary, sermon, or ask a friend to help explain something. There have been times I’ve written out my questions, and suddenly I think of another verse that might explain my question. So writing our questions is not dwelling on doubt, but become a devoted seeker. Jesus encourages us to seek Him. Why? Because when we seek, ask questions, He will answer! 

3. Write reflections. One of my favorite things to do with a journal is write my reflections! These can be questions and prayers, but most of the time I ask the Lord to speak to my heart while I read His word and this is where I record some thoughts He gives me. These are just reflections (not inspiration) about God’s Word. I write out what God is teaching me. Sometimes it looks like bullet points a lot of times it looks like rambling thoughts. Either way, it is a great way to record my progress as I study God’s Word. 

4. Write the word. Another favorite is to write out God’s word. I choose a relatively short passage (2-3 verses) and write out the verses in my journal. The slowing down is counter intuitive. Our culture has designed us to be fast-paced. Writing the Bible takes effort and time, and can’t be done in just a few minutes. It takes a slowing down. Friend, it is a great way to mediate and keep focused on one passage at a time. 

If you would like, you can check out my brand new journal: Write the Word Journal EARLY! It is on sale right now, so check it out! 

Do you need help focusing while reading the Bible?

If so, this Write the Word Journal is a great way to stay in tune with God’s word. When you use the Write the Word journal you will have space each day to write out the one-two verses provided. Go deeper as you slow down and write out God’s Word. AND the Write the Word journal includes plenty of space to be creative, no matter how small or large you like to write. The flexible download can be printed in two sizes. You can print the smaller version, which can be folded and placed in your Bible. The second version is a 8×11.5 sized. Print this version and then either get it bound or put it in a binder to keep it safe.

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  1. Hi Sarah,
    These are good ideas! Thank you. A friend of mine started a Facebook group back in November, Prayer and Praise through the Psalms. She wrote out a schedule of writing through the Psalms each day, which I enjoyed; but she skipped through and picked and chose which ones we would write. When we got to the end of her schedule, near the end of January, she decided to go to Job, but I decided to go back and write the Psalms we had skipped . It has been an enriching time in His Word. It really makes you slow down and think more deeply about what you are writing. I encourage it!
    Blessings, Marilyn

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