Three Benefits for Writing Out God’s Word

Three Benefits for Writing Out God’s Word 

Let me confess to you: it is not in my nature to take things slow. Growing up my mom would constantly be saying, “Sarah, slow down.” It didn’t matter if I was washing dishes, folding clothes, or practicing piano. I would rush, rush, rush! As an adult I’ve struggled with this as well. It is almost like I feel like 24 hours in a day just isn’t enough. My to-do list is too long and I want to get it all done. I mean ALL OF IT! 

Children have helped me slow down a little, but the best thing I’ve ever done to teach me to slow down has been learning to write out God’s word. You might be thinking, “Do you have to learn to write out God’s word?” Yes! If you too struggle with hurrying through life, slowing down to write God’s word is an art that needs to be taught. So I want to help you this month learn the benefits of writing out God’s word. First, make sure you have a good journal.

Why would you write God’s word? We slow down and find three benefits in writing God’s Word. Find out more in my new YouTube Video!

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Do you need help focusing while reading the Bible?

If so, this Write the Word Journal is a great way to stay in tune with God’s word. When you use the Write the Word journal you will have space each day to write out the one-two verses provided. Go deeper as you slow down and write out God’s Word. AND the Write the Word journal ( includes plenty of space to be creative, no matter how small or large you like to write. The flexible download can be printed in two sizes. You can print the smaller version, which can be folded and placed in your Bible. The second version is a 8×11.5 sized. Print this version and then either get it bound or put it in a binder to keep it safe.

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