God Loves You Still

God Loves You Still

Jesus loves me, this I know. Since childhood I’ve known Jesus loves me and I didn’t doubt it. Little girls grow up. The world breaks us apart so the lies creep in unnoticed. Our hearts begin to question, does Jesus really love me? 

Friend, I’m here to tell you I’m proof Jesus loves us and we can know it. For some reason my heart grew up thinking I had to earn Jesus’ love. It was never taught in church. The Bible never showed me this, but in my sinful way I strove to buy God’s love with my own faithfulness. If I went to church, prayed, read my Bible, and did all of the Christian-y things, God would keep loving me. 

Then over the years I realized the depth of my sin. Mourning this means we want to change. I wanted to change because I didn’t like the idea of God not loving me. A few years ago I read through the Book of Psalms. Can I tell you it changed me in a thousand ways, but one of those ways was this. 

God loves me. The end. There is no earning it. There is never, ever earning it. Romans 5:8: “But God shows his love for us in that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us.” It was life changing to realize this amazing truth. Why? Because the year before diving into the Psalms I realized how deep my sinful heart really was. I can’t go into details, but I came face to face with my own sinful heart. 

God’s love met me there – at the bottom. Maybe it wasn’t the hardest thing I’d go through, but it was pretty hard. It might not have been a bottom year if it were you, but it was my bottom year. The forgiveness, love, and faithfulness of God was something I always thought my good-girl little heart needed to earn. 

I am so glad I was wrong. 

During that time, more than anything, I needed to read the truth that God loves me still. Even here. In the midst of heartache and sin, God still loves me. Did I know that soon God was going to thrust our family into a year of 2020. Which meant an international move, COVID, language barriers, and uprooting our family of seven. So this year. The anchors keeping me on the ground and in the right frame of mind were put into place several years prior. 

I can look at bad circumstances, and say: This is hard. This is horrible. But I can also say: God still loves me. Our circumstances, our choices, don’t matter! He loves us! 

Does God want us to continue in sin? NO way! That is why I love that God loves us so much He changes us into something that resembles Himself. I’ve had to learn the hard way my sinful habits and horrible circumstances are not a place to sit and accept. Those things are not pushed aside and ignored because, “well, God loves me!.” 

He loves me so I can change. Friend, if you find yourself in a cycle of hard, horrible, or even face-to-face with your horrible sinful heart: take courage. God loves you still. God loves you so much to help you get out of it. Seek Him in the pages of His word and seek godly counsel! 

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