Two of the Best Christmas Books for Children 

Two of the Best Christmas Books for Children 

Moving into December, we want something for our children to read or study as they prepare their little hearts for Christmas. The world bombards them with toy ads, commercials, and store displays. All of these things tell our children that Santa, his elves, and presents are what the season is about. Our family has never been anti-Santa, but we’ve never really focused or emphasized it. As my children grow older, I realize that they get lots of “Santa” doctrine even without any effort on my part. From YouTube commercials to Netflix originals, my children are being told all about the world’s version of what Christmas should be like. 

As Christian parents, we want to point them to Christ – but that can be hard. Our family has two books we love to read during the Advent/Christmas season. Each one tells the whole story of the Bible. So really if you get them, you can use these books all year long. During the month of December we pull out passages from each of these books to talk to the children about sin, Christ, God’s plan for redemption, and then Christ’s birth. 

You see, Christ’s birth is only miraculous and exciting if we know why He came. Weaving in the story of sin and God’s plans for redemption allows Christmas to be more than just presents, trees, and cookies. Christmas was the moment the entire world was waiting for! The entire story of the Bible leads up to the moment. And it was amazing how God chose to enter into this world – as a baby! 

“You see, the best thing about this Story is…it’s true. There are lots of stories in the Bible, but all the stories are telling one Big Story. The Story of how God loves His children and comes to rescue them. It takes the whole Bible to tell this Story. And at the center of the Story, there is a baby.” Sally-Lloyd Jones

Over the years, as we read these stories again and again to our children they never get tired of hearing about it. As adults, we hope to never get tired of telling the stories either. Because the stories are real, unlike magical sleighs and flying reindeer, these miracle stories about angels, shepherds, wise men, and virgin birth really did happen. Children believe with such innocence, so when we tell them stories I want them to hear the real, true stories so that when they grow up, they can stand on this foundation of truth. 

Here are two reviews of both of these books. Which one sounds like a good fit for your family? 

The Jesus Storybook Bible *

Our family has been reading this book together for several years. It starts with creation and ends with Revelation. It tells the story of Jesus, and how we can see Him all throughout the Bible. The illustrations are not only beautiful, but unique and special. The wording stays true to many Biblical translations, but transforms it in a way to explain the text as well. Children can easily learn the story of the Bible through reading this, and the readings surrounding Christmas are amazing. The author, Sally Lloyd-Jones has a special advent version, but she also provides an advent guide for free on her website here.

Here is a link to the special advent version of the Jesus Storybook Bible.* 

The Biggest Story: How the Snake Crusher Brings Us Back to the Garden* 

I can’t decide whether I like the Jesus Storybook Bible or this one better. This book is written by Kevin DeYoung, a theologian and dad. He takes the general themes of each book of the Bible and tells the story of redemption through the eyes of the characters and events from the Old Testament to the New Testament. He starts with the perfect Garden of Eden and describes how sin ruined everything, but that God had a plan all along for redemption. The story of Jesus’ birth is told with beautiful imagery and we love reading this story on Christmas Eve. 

BONUS: For just a simple telling of the Christmas story, this one by Max Lucado is perfect! 

The Christmas Story for Children*

(From Amazon)

In this beautifully illustrated holiday picture book from bestselling authors Max Lucado, Randy Frazee, and Karen Hill, kids learn about the birth of a special baby named Jesus and the man he grew up to be, whose story is filled with love for us all.

This Christmas companion book to the award-winning and bestselling The Story for Children explores the coming of the Messiah, from the angel Gabriel’s message to Mary to the journey to Bethlehem and Jesus’s birth in the stable, ending with Jesus’s baptism that began his ministry on earth. Throughout, readers 4-8 will discover:

  • the true reason of Christmas and why Jesus’s arrival was so important
  • a message that we are loved and cherished by God
  • detailed and intricate illustrations by Fausto that will capture the eye

The Christmas Story for Children:

  • is perfect for holiday gift-giving to grandchildren, nieces and nephews, or any boy or girl in your life
  • is ideal for family reading during Advent or on Christmas Day
  • helps spark conversations about Jesus’s mission on earth and what his birth means for us every day

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