What Is God Doing? 

What Is God Doing? 

Have you ever thought, “What in the world are you doing, God!?” You look at your life and think: GOD! Where are you? And why are you not answering my prayers? 

What about that really really painful thing in your life? Do you wonder…..does God even….care? 

I’ve had more disappointments and challenges than I’d wish. From depression, to grieving a grandmother, and walking through the brokenness of adoption, these disruptions have raised hard, even painful questions—about myself, my plans, my trust in God. Even so, I would not go back and tell myself the answers. Sometimes questions need to linger because eventually, the God behind the scenes is going to show up.  Abandoned would be a good word to describe how I felt about God. So I don’t ask this question lightly. 

Can we still praise God if we were stripped of everything? 

I struggled with this question several years ago, but honestly, I still struggle with this. How do we really “Give thanks” in all things as the Bible tells us to do when all of the things in our life feel very crappy. 

God has done much for us, but in the midst of a lot of hard and hurtful things (grief, death, child loss, homesickness, loneliness, and cancer) we sometimes can’t remember the good things. 

So that’s where we shift our focus. Not on what God has done, but who God is. We don’t always understand God’s work in this world – but we can understand Who He is. 

How do we know about God? We read the Bible!

And how do we do that consistently? We have a plan! 

what is God doing

I believe there is more to life than waiting for the next good thing (or bad thing) to come around the corner. As I reflect back on this year I want to remember all God is instead of thinking about what He’s done. So we can focus on God’s character this Thanksgiving Season – not to have fake praise – but to really praise God for something SOLID. 

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