An Overview of the Book of Philippians

An Overview of the Book of Philippians

Today on “Let’s Read the Bible” I share an overview of the book of Philippians. 

Watch this video and answer these questions: 

Who wrote it? 

Who did he write it to?

Where is Philippi?

What are the themes and tone of this letter?

How does the book of Philippians fit into the whole book of the Bible? 

Who made up the church at Philippi?

In this video you will be able to discover who was in the church at Philippi. Hint: We know some of them personally!! Three people came from pretty different walks of life. They made up the early church at Philippi. A wealthy woman, a former demon-possessed slave, and a gruff prison guard will all now gather each week in someone’s house for church. Even today I doubt we’d see this kind of diversity in our churches. God used these three very different people to spread the good news of salvation to the city of Philippi. 

God Can Use Anyone

Spreading the gospel is not dependent on a certain type of background or conversion. Whether you were quietly converted, miraculously saved from a life of bondage, or turned because of the life of someone else, God can use you in the advancement of the gospel! Keep in mind these people when you read through Paul’s letter to them. If God can use a fashion designer, a former slave, and a tough guy, He can surely use you! 

Tone and Themes of Philippians

This video also reveals the tone and themes of Paul’s letter.  Most people will agree that the idea of joy and rejoicing is also a strong theme found throughout the book. In chapter one we see a theme of how to live for Christ and sharing the gospel. The idea of our “life” is mentioned six times in the entire book. Chapter two gives an honest look at humility. Chapter three reveals for us Paul’s  background and our worth in Christ is what he focuses on. The power of prayer and peace-filled living seems to be the focus of chapter four. As we study, we will see all of these themes repeated. 


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