Bible Reading and Study Guide for Ruth

Bible Reading and Study Guide for Ruth

Ruth is a fantastic book of the Bible. A long time again, I took a remote Bible class. In this class I was taught how to study the Bible for myself. The final assignment for this class was to study out an entire book of the Bible and write Sunday school lesson plans based on what we learned. As a new mom and the young age of twenty-four, I chose my favorite book of the Bible: Ruth. Little did I know God would use my love for this book of the Bible to reveal to me my love to write Bible studies. 

I experienced so much joy after that writing assignment that I realized I wanted to write for a living. Ruth opened up for me a passion for Bible study. As I prepared to write this month’s Bible reading & study guide I wanted to make sure to do this book justice. I wanted to provide information you might not have heard before, but also wanted to make sure you understood how special this book of the Bible is. 

Download the Ruth Bible Reading and Study Guide

You can download the Ruth Bible Reading and Study Guide here.

But wait! 

Don’t just get the Reading and Study Guide – get MORE if you subscribe to the “Let’s Read the Bible Subscription.” 

In it you will get access to:

1. Teaching videos

2. A thirty-page PDF workbook that outlines how to study the Book of Ruth.

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Here’s the good news: even if you only have five minutes here or ten minutes there, you can absolutely read, study, and learn from the Bible right at your kitchen counter or waiting in the school pick up line.

Enter this 30-day guided study through a book of the Bible.

Simple, Straightforward, Life-changing

No need to feel overwhelmed, wading through commentaries and trying to make heads and tales over Greek words and definitions.

No need to stress over how to start, where to go next, or what it all means.

This hard work has already been done for you! Just open this simple, straightforward, yet life-changing Bible study and experience it for yourself.

All the information is gathered in one place and I’ll walk you through it quickly, one day at a time, step by step.

You’ll learn how to read, how to study, and how to understand the Bible. And then, how to apply the Word to your life. Join the community here.

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