Let’s Read the Bible: Ruth

Let’s Read the Bible: Ruth

Do you want to study the book of Ruth? Watch this video before you get started.


How does the book of Judges fit with Ruth?

Who are the main characters?

Why isn’t it just a love story?

What are the themes?

Watch the Video Here

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Have you ever said:

I am so confused when I read my Bible.

What do I do when I can’t understand my Bible? 

The Bible is too hard to grasp.

I’m not a scholar or pastor, so how can I really understand the Bible?

I want to take the mystery out of Bible reading. What is the point of reading your Bible if you don’t understand it? Not many of us (me included) have time in our regular days to research the background or history of each of the books of the Bible. That’s where I come in! 

In these Bible Reading Guides, you not only get the background information on the book of the Bible, but also provide a reading plan, and study guide if you want to go deeper.

Think: Self-Paced Bible study!

These guides are designed to save you time and allow you to do more than just read the Bible – but understand and apply it to your life! This is the next step if you want more out of your Bible reading. 

Get the Philippians Reading & Study Guide here.

Get the Ruth Reading & Study Guide here.

For each guide spend hours researching, reading commentaries, so  you don’t have to! If you want to read more about the guides, videos, and community – click here.

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