Need a Summer Reading Plan? 

Need a Summer Reading Plan? 

Although summertime is often filled with late nights and slow mornings, I have decided to do something different this summer. Instead of sleeping in with the kids, I’ve decided to set my alarm a little earlier than normal. I put a special alarm on my phone to remind me to read my Bible. When routines are out of whack it is hard to keep on a schedule, so that is why I put an alarm on my phone to help me remember to read my Bible. Yes – even after all of this time I can forget. 

Lately I have felt like the enemy wants nothing more than to keep me from God’s Word. If the Bible is truly as powerful as we say it is – then of course the evil one will want us to stay away from it. The Bible protects our minds, keeps us from feeling anxiety, and comforts us when we face trials. God’s word is powerful and we need it – even in the summer. 

Maybe you are a mom who has a ton of plans for her kids during the summer break. But do you make plans for yourself? I love to read fiction during the summer and relax. I also like to take a break from working online and writing, but there is one thing we can’t take a break from – and that’s God’s word. My need for it in the summer is just as great as during the school year. So what if you decided to make a plan for the summer? 

Where do you want to read in God’s Word? There are lots of plans out there – all good ones! Any plan that keeps you accountable and in God’s Word would be fine. What if during the summer you could focus on one book of the Bible? For the entire summer you could read through forty of the best psalms. I’ve outlined this plan for in this free printable.

But you can do more! I took those forty psalms and created a journal so you can record your thoughts and prayers as well as read from the Bible – all in the same place. SUMMER OF PSALMS FOR BUSY MOMS is the perfect answer to your busy summer schedule. Each day can be completed in 10 MINUTES or less!All scripture is from the King James Version of the Bible. 

In addition to the 40 page journal, you will receive these BONUS PAGES:

  • Pocket Truths from Psalms
  • Praying the Names of God Worksheet
  • 4 Free Prayer Sheets

Get it here.

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