15 Days of Gratitude from the Psalms 

15 Days of Gratitude from the Psalms 

At every meal my five kids always compete over who will say “thanks.” They love saying their special prayer before the meal, but saying thanks is more than just something we do at the beginning of breakfast, lunch, and dinner. They all pray the same type of prayer at each meal. Where did they learn the language for giving thanks? From my husband and I. They didn’t come up with the words on their own. We are teaching them how to do it. 

Saying thanks is more than just something we do during the month of November. I’m glad we have this month to reflect on God’s wonderful bountiful goodness, but let’s be honest, life hits harder some years than others and thanksgiving feels like a joke and we struggle to find the words to use to give thanks to God. 

Let’s go back to the best teachers who really know how to give thanks – the authors of the Psalms! King David is a great example, but there are others as well in this book of the Bible. Will you join me this November as we Give Thanks by using the Psalms as guidelines? I’ve made it very easy and simple! 

Download the Guide

Just download this guide and you will have 15 days of gratitude from the psalms. When you sign up, you will get access to the list of psalms. I provide a Psalm (or verses from a psalm) to read. I will include a simple prayer of my own that you can pray – or space to write your own. You can get just the list of verses, or if you would like the prayers and space to write your own, download the PDF here.

I hope you will enjoy using the psalms as a guide for giving thanks this year. I know life is hard and I know sometimes it is hard to find things to give thanks for – but God is always good and always faithful. He has not left you alone and He will never leave you! He has great plans for you and one of those is to realize how much He loves you. Give thanks for even that simple gift of God’s love in your life today. 

Get the guide today – on sale for just a few more weeks.

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