A Study of Psalms

A Study of Psalms

Moving to a new area last fall means that this is our first summer here. We have new neighbors and new opportunities. Our yard is a little small so we aren’t able to really have space for a pool or swing set. Thankfully, we have a pool just five minutes from our house! We are excited to join. My kids are looking forward to hopefully making new friends but I’m looking forward to meeting some of my neighbors. 

Summer was the time of year growing up that I loved the most. No school. Pool days. Warm weather and relaxed schedules. When we lived in Honduras there was summer weather all year long. We had to adjust to doing school and celebrating Christmas with seventy and eight degrees outside. 

I have to admit I am glad for the seasons again, but as summer inches closer I am reminded I do love summer the best. When schedules get relaxed and we don’t have the routines we normally have, with vacations and time off, it is easy to let our Bible Reading slide to the sidelines. 

What if instead, you decided that summer would be the time of the year to devote MORE time to God’s word? What if you upped your Bible study and prayer time during the summer and sought God during these warm months? 

Whether the weather is summer-like or not, you can spend these next three weeks with me and a great group of women as we read through the entire book of Psalms in three months! That’s right, we have a reading plan for June, July, and August to help walk through all 150 chapters in Psalms. Not only that, I’ve asked three of my friends to help me write some devotional material to go with our Bible reading. 

A Study of Psalms will be a BRAND NEW course with all new content. Click here to see a preview of the Volume 2 devotional! You won’t want to miss this because each month we will be also getting together to chat about the devotional. If you are part of our “Let’s Read the Bible” membership, you will get access to some of the content. But the entire course contains over 6 hours of videos, 3 devotionals, 3 reading plans. There is also bonus content on how to read your Bible. 

If you want to join us live and study the Psalms with us – check out all of the details here. This course is available for FREE when you join our membership, which comes with other studies like Revelation, Philippians, Ruth, Judges, James, and more! If you just want the summer course, it is a one time fee and you have lifetime access! 

Learn more about the course here.

Learn more about the membership here

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