The Top Five Christmas Albums

The Top Five Christmas Albums

As we drove to the store the other day my daughter was sitting next to me in the passenger seat. She loves it when we are together in the car – just the two of us. First, because she gets to sit up front. Second, because she gets to control the music. The girl loves to sing. She sings in the shower, while she is playing in her room, outside on the swing, and especially in the car. Her and I have similar tastes in music (for now!) so we turn up our favorite songs and belt out the lyrics when no one else is in the car. 

That particular day we were heading out to the store and even though it was only November, I told her to go to the Christmas music. She smiled because she loves it just as much as I do. Christmas music is some of my favorite music! I love that it is uplifting and encouraging. Over the years I’ve created a special Christmas playlist. Here is a link to all of these albums on my Christmas playlist. You will find additional albums on there that aren’t mentioned. These are just my top five! 

Click here for list on Spotify.

Here are my top five Christmas albums. It was hard to just pick five, so I will give a little description of what they are like so you can see if you would like them. 

Sara Groves – O Holy Night 

This album is one of my long-time favorites. It came out the year my oldest was born: 2008. Christmas was super special that year as we celebrated our tiny little family of three! Her music is always so thoughtful and fun.  I especially love that the music is so light and airy. The percussion is amazing and the strings add so much depth. My favorite song on this album is “Peace, Peace.” She also has a second Christmas album, Joy of Every Longing Heart, that is good too.

Melanie Penn – Immanuel 

In this album she takes us through the Christmas story, but she focuses on the characters of Christmas. She wrote a song for each of the people or groups of people in the Christmas narrative. She begins with Isaiah, who foretold the birth of Christ and has songs for not just Mary and Joseph, but for the angels, the wise men, and the innkeeper. With a strong piano and guitar base, these songs will linger in your heart. My favorite song is Joseph’s, “What Child is This?”

Phil Wickham – Songs for Christmas

Some of this music is my very favorite music, especially the prelude that is almost all piano. This album has a variety of music feels to it. From peppy, upbeat music in his version of The First Noel, to the more reflective songs like “Evermore.” This is a good variety of Chirsmtas songs but old and new. His version of “O Come All Ye Faithful” is one of my favorites. 

The Piano Guys – Christmas Together

I love the music and arrangements on this album. These are mostly all traditional Christmas songs, sung by various singers, but arranged in a unique way that brings a fresh feel to the familiar tunes. If you are wanting some good background music for a Christmas party, this is a great option!  I absolutely love their version of “I Saw Three Ships” – it is just music, but so fun! 

Christy Nockels – The Thrill of Hope

This might be my top Christmas album. I’ve listened to this every year, over and over again since it was released in 2016. Most of her songs are new songs, but there are a few traditional songs she’s rearranged. Her version of “Hark the Herald Angels Sing” is amazing. This album takes you on a journey of hope and longing to the fulfillment of Christ’s return. Her music is spectacular and the lyrics will bring you to tears. The very last song, “Joy to the World/The King is Coming” ends the album with the amazing truth that Jesus came and will come again! 

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