Eight Reasons We Give Up On Bible Reading

Eight Reasons We Give Up On Bible Reading

How do we stay consistent in our BIble reading throughout the year? We are all ready to go with the New Year and the new resolutions. But then February and maybe March rolls around and suddenly we feel stuck again. 

How do we keep going, when we’ve messed up? 

Sometimes it is helpful to examine why we might give up in our Bible reading before the year is out. So, I’ve come up with some reasons I’ve given up in the past or things I’ve heard people say why they’ve given up on their Bible reading. Then, we will look at how we can combat these lies and find consistency as the year continues. 

Eight Reasons We Give Up on Bible Reading

  1. We don’t have time. Suddenly our time is taken up and we come to the end of the day and our time is gone. That is one of the main reasons we give up on Bible reading. 
  2. Seasons change. One of the things that always throws us off track with our Bible reading is that our season of life changes. Our children might get bigger, we might start a new job, or maybe there is a sick relative. 
  3. We get bored. Although we might not want to admit it, we often get bored with where we are reading in the Bible, although we might not want to admit it. This often happens when we are trying to read through the Bible in a year and get to those hard books like Leviticus or the Minor Prophets. 
  4. We don’t understand. Maybe you have found yourself struggling to understand what the Bible is talking about. Sometimes, we become discouraged and quit when we can no longer make sense of the Bible.
  5. There is no accountability. When we read just on our own and we have no one else in our life that is interested in reading the Bible it is often hard to keep going. Having no one to help us or keep us accountable often leads us away from our Bible reading. 
  6. We don’t feel a connection. When we read the Bible we think we might feel something amazing and sometimes our feelings tell us it is pointless to read because we don’t “feel anything.” 
  7. We’re going through a hard time. One of the main reasons we quit reading our Bible is suffering. But that is the time we need it the most. 
  8. We are under spiritual attack. Whether a time of suffering, discouragement, or grief finds us here, we often neglect the Bible because we are under spiritual attack. The enemy would like to take every opportunity to keep us from the Bible. 

What do we do to combat these things? As you read through, I am sure there were a few, even just one that might have happened to you. Whether it was a season change or a spiritual attack, we have all faced these obstacles when it comes to consistent Bible reading. Here is some good news:

God is more powerful! 

Whatever we are going through God is with us and He cares about our spiritual health – that includes reading the Bible. Remember: God loves you! He is more concerned with connection than consistency. You are not disappointing God. He is here to help you move further. 

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