One Little Word – 2016

one little word

As we enter the New Year, many will be making goals, resolutions, and dreaming big dreams. I want to simply this year with my “New Year’s Resolution.” I am going to chose ONE WORD to focus my heart. A word to move me forward. A word to help me remember the past. A word to direct me.  And help keep me on track for my dreams for 2016. A word God can use to draw me closer to Him.  I also wrote about my word here. I will be sharing additional stories and words from some special ladies in January. Come back every Monday to read more!

For 2016, I feel the Lord drawing me to the word: RUN. Nothing fancy. Just RUN.

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I used to run several days a week. But because well, life….I haven’t had the time made the time to run. For me, I need a goal to keep running. If I sign up for a 5K, I’m more apt to hop on the treadmill or head to the park to run around the track 3-4 days a week. Some people can run for fun. But oh my goodness. Not me. I’ve got to have a goal in mind. I need to know I have to know what I will need to run 3.11 miles in six weeks, so I had better start building my endurance.

So, as I begin 2016, I chose the word RUN because I have goals. Although these goals have always been “dreams”, I no longer will call them dreams. Dreams imply something fuzzy in the future…..and involve the words someday day…. For goals, I set deadlines. I give myself a certain amount of time to get it completed. Knowing I have deadlines, I will devote my time doing the daily tasks.

  1. Make the time, DAILY.
  2. Pray over my goals, DAILY.
  3. Make a plan to keep my GOALS.
  4. Set deadlines, for each DAY, each WEEK, each MONTH.
  5. Keep my eyes on the LORD.

I have writing goals, health goals, and spiritual goals. All written down and soon will be hanging up in my work area. I want to RUN in 2016. Running the race isn’t about winning (or achieving your goals), it is about the daily task of preparing. Want to have a good race? Train. Do the daily work and you will achieve you goal.

It is about living each day knowing I am working towards something. I pray God will stay the focus in 2016. It isn’t about my dreams or goals, as much as it is about the living. The race is only won when my strength comes from God. But I will be using 2016 to keep moving forward. Taking steps.


What goals do you have for 2016? Have you set DEADLINES for your goals? If not, how will your 2016  look different if you stopped calling your goals “dreams” and made a plan to accomplish your goals?

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  1. Sarah, I love your “little” word. Mine is also little this year >> “See”. I want to see God’s activity as I go through my days. I don’t want to miss seeing Him. Glad to have stopped here today. I look forward to reading more of what God has for you as you run after Him! Blessings!

  2. Hi, Sarah. Visiting from #testimonytuesday today. “Run” — wow, that is a great word and packed full of action. I’m not much of a runner myself, but I am a goal setter and list maker, so I love your perspective on not necessarily focusing on the results, but keeping fixed on the process. I think sometimes that makes completing the task all the sweeter. Blessings!

  3. You’re in good company out there, Sarah. There are a lot of runner’s in blog land! I’m not one of them, but are cheering you on just the same! Happy New Year!

  4. I love reading all of the words that everyone picked! I like that you chose run! This year, I chose “press forward” for mine.

    I am hosting a goal link up here and this would be a great post to add if you are interested! 🙂

  5. Sarah, your word challenged me. My word is “presence.” I run on the inside and am always trying to learn to rest in the Lord and enjoy His presence. Blessings on your New Year!

  6. I love this–so inspiring. I wish you the best in your endeavors here! As I’ve read the One Little Word link-up posts, I just want everyone to accomplish their goals–I think you can get to know someone so well just by reading their goals–if that makes sense? I saw that you’ll be posting updates weekly. We will be linking up our progress each month on the first Monday for One Little Word–I hope you’ll keep joining in!

  7. i just did a one word post this week too ha. mine is ‘presence’ 😉 Glad I found your blog through the link up! I can’t wait to keep reading your blogging journey this year and hope you stop by mine too!

  8. What a great post! I love the idea to pray over your goals. I am going to do that now! My word is INTENTIONAL – I want each day to have purpose. I want to focus on that more this year. Best wishes!

  9. i am a runner so this post really resonates with me. i have goals for literal running this year, but i like the concept of running towards what we want.

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