5 Questions to Plan Your Quiet Time

5 Questions to Plan Your Quiet Time

Do you struggle with consistent Bible reading? 

Are you stuck in your Bible study time?

Do you have a plan for your quiet time with God? 

Something I’ve learned over the years is that if you don’t plan it – you won’t do it! To help you plan your quiet time, I created these five questions. So. Take a moment. Download this guide and answer these questions. This is a FREE Bible reading planning guide. You can find these questions in this guide as well as space to write out your answers to help you brain-storm.

5 Questions to Plan Your Quiet Time

  1. Where do I read in the Bible? 

Genesis. The book of beginnings would be a great place to start. This book is filled with stories that will keep you interested! Psalms. The book of Psalms is a book of songs. It love reading Psalms. The Gospel of John. I love this gospel. John is said to be like a pool that is deep enough for an elephant to swim and a child to wade. It is both deep and clear. Simple and profound. It is great place to start as you discover who Jesus is.

  1. How long can I spend? 

15 minutes? 30 Minutes? An hour? 10 minutes? After you determine where to read, you need to determine how much time you have to give. Before you figure out what to read, figure out the set amount of time. This will change over time, but give yourself at least 15-20 minute each day to get started. You might do less on some days (or more!) But if you set your timer on your phone and stick to what you’ve pre-decided you are more apt to go over than under. 

3. What should I do? 

A chapter is about 3-5 minutes. So do the math! If you have 15 minutes you can read three chapters. If you have more time, you might want to still just read for 15 minutes and then journal the rest of the time. This is also a great time to pray.

4. What do I write down in my notebook? 

First, you can write out God’s word – just simply copy the words into your notebook. This is a great practice to get into as it slows us down and we can really dive into a scripture passage. Second, you could also write your questions. You will have questions – but that’s ok! As you read, write them down and maybe the next day you look up the passages in scripture in commentaries or online. Third, you could also write down your prayer requests or your entire prayers out to God.

5. How do I end my time? 

Prayer! I would highly recommend praying before and during your Bible reading time, but if you don’t, at least pray at the end! No matter what – ask God to speak to your heart and ask the Spirit to remind you of the words you read throughout your day. 

So now you have a plan. This is the key to having a quiet time when life is loud. Therefore, you must, must plan. If you don’t, then it won’t happen. It isn’t because you don’t want it or don’t think it is a priority, but life is busy and crazy, so planning helps us! 

I hope you know GOD is waiting for you. You can do this! 

Find your own way that works for you. No matter what you do, when you do it, or how you do it – when you do have that time to yourself, remember that it is all about a heart attitude, not the decibel level of your house.

God desires us to be still and rest in Him.  He calls us to us in our noisy lives to come. Rest. Listen. Seek. Our quiet times will be best spent with Him. I’m not perfect, but I have found the secret is to plan ahead and then DO IT! 

I want to leave this verse with you. It comforts me when I’m tired. It brings me hope that I can always come to Jesus – He is waiting -and I don’t have to do anything but rest. 

Come to me, all who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.

Matthew 11:28

Here’s the good news: even if you only have five minutes here or ten minutes there, you can absolutely read, study, and learn from the Bible right at your kitchen counter or waiting in the school pick up line.

So many Bible studies seem to be written for the empty nester mom who took some Bible classes once up a time and now has hours to spend reading over hot cups of coffee.

But what about the single mom with little kids running around who needs to make dinner, help them with their homework, and try to find time for a shower? 

Or the woman who deeply longs to know more about God and understand His word, but just doesn’t know where to start or what to make of it when she finally does?

What about you?

Enter this 30-day guided study through a new book of the Bible each month. 

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