Four Steps to Intimacy With God

Four Steps to Intimacy With God

Loneliness lies to us. We are all alone and no one cares. 

Loneliness lies to us. Everyone has left us. 

Loneliness lies to us. God does not hear me when I pray. 

Loneliness lies to us. My faith is weak and my heart will always ache. 

Instead of listening to the lies, what if we let loneliness lead us to intimacy? What if we turned this time into a season filled with fruit? God can show us His purpose, plan, and power during our deepest and loneliest times. Even if our life is filled with loneliness, it doesn’t have to end there. Intimacy is waiting.  Here are four things to remember when seeking intimacy with God. 

Four Steps To Intimacy with God

1. Remember your first love. (Revelation 2:1-7)

Remember when you surrendered to God and it was sweet, and beautiful, and freeing? That’s what the first step looks like. There was a time when God was everything to you. You went to bed thinking about Him, you woke up hungry for His word. If that has never been you, let me encourage you it can be you! If you are discouraged because you’ve lost your first love, don’t worry. God is ready and willing to have you back into His arms of intimacy! 

2. Lay Aside Sin. (I John 1:9, Hebrews 12:1-3).

Sinful habits, sinful allowances, constant sinful thoughts will only hinder your desire to be intimate with God. Receive the forgiveness of sin, and lay aside it as a weight. Yes, we will still sin, but confess it right away when it happens and ask the Spirit to help you resist next time you are tempted. 

3. Like a houseplant, find out what you need. (Jeremiah 17:7-10)

Dedicate a place, a time, and way you will begin this journey. Will you need a quiet space? Will you need a desk, or just a chair? Be practical. List out all of the things you will need. Just like a plant needs sunlight and water and soil to grow, there are certain things we as Christians need. Practically speaking, 

4. Take an honest look at your season of life.

Record all of your must-dos. Not to overwhelm you, but to let you see an accurate picture of your life. List your spouse, what do they need from you? Next, list your children, what do they need from you? Then, list your job responsibilities, what do they need from you? Finally, list your church activities, friends, family, etc. Is there anything to “cut-out” which is not feeding you spiritually? T.V. Time? Reading books which are not uplifting? This is not meant to give you an excuse, but to give you practical help in cutting out unnecessary things and help you see where you CAN devote the time you need. 

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