Focus on the Small Gifts in the Middle of the Big Storm

Focus on the Small Gifts in the Middle of the Big Storm

Today’s guest post is written by Jodi Rosser.

I will never forget that day God gifted to me.

“Would you like me to warm you up some soup?” I asked Jeannie as she rested in a special hospital bed placed in the middle of her dining room where the table once sat. “Yes,” Jeannie answered faintly.

As I propped up my friend with a pillow, I was thankful for the schedule change. Originally, I had planned to take our kids to a trampoline park so Jeannie could rest without any interruptions. 

However, a text from her that morning changed everything. She was getting weaker and was concerned about being alone, so the kids and I came to her house for the day. 

Little did I know then what a gift that change of my plans would become.

As I warmed up the broth in the microwave, my mind drifted back to her phone call just four months before. The shocking diagnosis and the uphill battle with the chemotherapy appointments that followed. My friend had fought hard, but sadly, the cancer was winning.

Standing in her kitchen just a couple footsteps across from her, I glanced over at Jeannie’s frail body lying in bed. My heart was breaking as I realized my time with her was fleeting. My friend was dying, and I was not ready to say goodbye. I was not prepared to lose her. 

We had supported each other through many hard times, and I had so much to share with her knowing her time on Earth was quickly coming to an end. 

The microwave beeped, letting me know the soup was ready. I grabbed a spoon and sat down next to her on the bed. In between each serving, we talked. We laughed. We cried. 

I told Jeannie how thankful I was that God had brought her into my life. I shared with her what an amazing friend she was to me, and how I would cherish all our memories. With tears flowing from both of our eyes, I told her I was proud of her and how strong she had been through this. Her faith was inspiring! 

I also reminded her that she was leaving behind a wonderful legacy! Both of her kids knew Jesus and were aware of how much their mother loved them. Jeannie was such an intentional mom. 

As our conversation turned to her children, our eyes became floodgates as we began to weep. A mother’s worst nightmare is that something will happen and she will not be there to watch her kids grow up and be there for them during their ups and downs. This was becoming a harsh reality for Jeannie, and we were both heartbroken. 

That day, I promised her that I would be there for both of them. I told her that I could never replace her, but I would help them the best that I could. 

There were lots of tears as well as lots of memories shared that special day. I will always cherish that precious time I had with my friend. Not everyone gets to share with their loved ones what they meant to them. In my heart, I was praising God for a gift in the middle of the most heartbreaking of circumstances.

Praising God does not guarantee a miracle. Outwardly, everything remained exactly the same. However, praising God changes you inwardly. It fills you with a peace beyond your understanding. 

Do you need to be filled with peace? Does your heart need some hope? I encourage you to find one thing to praise God for in the middle of your difficulties. Maybe it is the gift of a day like I experienced with Jeannie. Perhaps it is the gift of a person, a friend who supports you in your hard time. It could be the gift of an encouraging word spoken to you by someone who cares.

Focus on the small gifts God provides in the middle of the big storm. Praise the Lord for His presence, His peace, and His love. I know how tough this can be, but I also know how freeing it is. In the midst of the tears, the sadness, and the pain, offer praise to God even when it does not make sense. 

I realized just how precious the gift of time truly was. God gave that to me just two weeks before she passed. I still treasure it with all my heart.

Friend, I encourage you to find your small gift from God in the middle of the difficult circumstances. Ask Him to reveal both His presence and the remarkable presents He has provided. 

Love, Jodi

Note: This is an excerpt from Jodi’s book– Depth: Growing Through Heartbreak to Strength.

Jodi Rosser is an author, podcaster, and speaker who serves women through her podcast, Depth, and her blog, Heartbreak to Strength. In August 2022, she released her first book, Depth: Growing Through Heartbreak to Strength.

Having walked through multiple heartbreaks (divorce, miscarriage, & cancer), Jodi now inspires women to grow deeper in their faith and to find hope, joy, and purpose through their unexpected storms. She lights up the most when she shares her testimony using her cracked clay pot, a visual reminder that God shines brightest through our broken places. She is raising two sons (One in high school and one in college) in Southern California where she teaches science to elementary students in the STEM Lab.

Jodi would love to connect you online at and send you her 10 “Not Enough” Statements and a Bible Verse to combat each one. You can also connect with Jodi on Instagram, @jodi.rosser.

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