How to Find a Restful Christmas (And Life)


Does Christmas season feel so rushed you can’t catch your breath? Do you feel hurried and stressed from the blessings surrounding you? The dreariness of this time of year doesn’t come close to the emptiness in my soul sometimes. Many people are struggling this time of year. And the cold, lack of snow, and just the grays and browns have me feeling all of the anxiety and none of the anticipation. How do I find a rest-filled Christmas? Simply come.

Come to Jesus. Come to Christmas……

As children. 
Christmas welcomes us into a new kind of life. Trust it. Believe it. Christmas is a time of joy, happiness, and peace – so sang the angels. How do we lose sight of it all? Children embrace the season with fullness and purity. It is a magical time because the impossible is made possible. Children believe the impossible….its time we did too. God became man. Emmanuel. God with us – seems too good to be true – but its true. Love and warmth can wrap around our hearts, if we let it. Grown-ups have let the coldness of winter seep inside and we need to light a fire of passion and innocence found in children!
With rest. 
Stop laboring. Say no. No to parties, elaborate gifts, and a perfectly decorated trees. Business is amped up immensely during this time of year! We have a main shopping area in our town and I dread going down those roads. The stores are packed, the parking lots are full, and people seem in a hurry with frowns on their faces. Christ came with nothing. He entered the world where animals rest.  He has called us to join Him. Come to Him. We are weary and loaded with the cares of this world. The rules, traditions, and the law overwhelm us. There is no law for Christmas. You don’t have to do the Advent calendar everyday. You don’t have to give them everything on the list. You don’t have to make cookies for every teacher. You can rest – you have permission! Unload the burdens at the foot of Jesus’ cross and come to Christmas with rest.
To know Christ.
Christmas isn’t about knowing about the angels, shepherds, or wise men. Christmas is about the Christ. The Christ who has called us to an easy load. The Christ who is about rest and peace. A Christ who has called us to abide in Him. Christ is here to teach us and lead us to a Christmas (and a life). Know Christ and His everlasting love, undying kindness, and eternal forgiveness. I can testify to this fact:
A life of rest begins with abiding in Jesus.
Join me as I strive to have rest this Christmas season. And you can too! Daily dwell in the Word. Find Him in the pages of scripture. Keep relationships first and enterity in mind. Stay close to the Father, and reach out to those closest to you. Eternity is coming sooner than we think. Don’t forget the Gospel is the most important thing this Christmas season!

Its not too late to start reading God’s Word this Advent Season. Check out my reading plan, Light Breaks Through, here.

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  1. Sarah, I have tried to simplify things. I don’t decorate like I used to or feel like I must always bake. Gone are Christmas cards. But somehow it’s still easy to get too busy! I have to constantly assess what’s valuable. Thanks for this great reminder and thanks, too, for hosting! Blessings!

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