The Top 10 Psalms You Should Know

The Top 10 Psalms You Should Know 

Motherhood. It is lonely and it is crowded. There are lots of voices we could listen to and glean from. I admit, it is overwhelming which advice to listen to. There are so many opinions trying to get into your heart. New mother, this is for you: Listen to your own voice. God has equipped you for this. Trust the gut. And Trust Him. Listen to the voice of God in the pages of His word. If you are struggling with a season of parenting, of course advice is good and should be welcomed, but the best thing you can do is get on your knees. Pray and pray. And when in doubt, pray some more. Prayer to God will never be wasted. So although you might feel alone or you might feel as if the voices around you are deafening, get alone with God. God is your Rock. God is your Fortress. God is your Strength. And one of the best ways to know this about God is to read the book of Psalms. So if you were wondering, I’ve created this unique list of the top ten psalms you should read, know, and even memorize! 

The Top 10 Psalms

Psalm 1 – There are two paths here. One will lead to life, the other to destruction. They are not equal choices. As we begin our journey through the Psalms, we can remember life always has two choices. We can choose God’s way or the world’s way. One of the ways we choose God’s way is through the study of His Word. What kind of relationship do you have with the Bible? Think about it and ask the Lord to give you a delight for His Word.   

Psalm 23 – This psalms talks about provision. Do you long for something? What is it? Today’s chapter is very familiar. In fact, you might even have it memorized. Notice the very first verse. if god is your shepherd, you will never be in “want” or need. Read Philippians 4:19. What does it say about believers? “But my God shall supply all your needs according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus.” Jesus is the perfect shepherd. He leads us, provides for us, gives us rest, and is always with us. 

Psalm 46 – When we are in trouble we want a God who is present. The word “present” here means God is close by, or with us in this space. It also means He is with us in time.  Although God lives outside of time, He enters into time to be with us in our trouble. The darkness might deepen, but God abides with us. We don’t need to fear, even if we are all alone. It says here that the “Lord of hosts is with us.” This tells us that our powerful God is near us and personal. It also says “the God of Jacob is our refuge.”  This personal God is also a strong, powerful refuge for us. We can “be still” and trust, because God is God. 

Psalm 73 – The author of psalm 73 is “Asaph.” In the book of Chronicles, it is said that Asaph was a descendant of Gershon the son of Levi and he is identified as a member of the Levites. He is also known as one of the three Levites commissioned by David to be in charge of singing in the house of Yahweh. We see two sections. The first sixteen verses find Asaph complaining about the wickedness in the world. In verse seventeen there is a shift. He turns his gaze away from evil and towards God. In the end, he realizes God is all he needs and God will work it all out. 

Psalm 90 – Moses, the author of today’s psalm, says in verse one that God is our “dwelling place.” This phrase simply means “home.” God is our home. Imagine the man who wrote those words. He never had an earthly home. For the first three years of his life he lived with his mother, but then when he was “weaned” the Bible says Moses grew up in a pharaoh’s court. After being run out of Egypt, Moses spends 40 years in the desert alone, then 40 more years leading God’s people. He never entered the promised land, but he surely had found a home: in God!  No matter what your earthly home looks like, God can be your dwelling place. 

Psalm 119 – The longest psalms, but each verse mentions God’s word. The entire chapter is also written like an acrostic poem. Each section begins with a different letter in the Hebrew alphabet. In one section it focuses on God’s word being good. And there is a wonderful phrase in verse 68. God is good and does good things. His word is a testimony of that. If you are struggling today to see God’s goodness, go to His word. You might not have a change in circumstances, but I guarantee you will have a change in perspective. 

Psalm 121 – I’ve always loved this psalm because it reminds me of my home state of West Virginia. I grew up surrounded by hills and mountains. Whenever we would travel to the flatter areas of the country, I always felt exposed. The mountains seemed like a fortress to me. They were my protection. So when I read psalm 121 I can really identify with the author’s confidence in god’s help and relates it to the hills. This is a psalm of protection. The word “keep” which is repeated several times can always be translated “preserve.” So although we might face hardships, our salvation is preserved and we are safe with God!  

Psalm 136 – Sometimes our life holds so much hurt it is difficult to see God’s hand in our circumstances. But we have been told God’s kindness and goodness can be seen no matter what has happened or is happening in your life right now. The psalmist is the ultimate example of God supplying and equipping him in the middle of his mess. The goodness of God isn’t just a truth we believe, it is a truth to help reach into our deepest hearts and shine a little light into the darkness. It is the hope we hold on to when our hands are empty and sad. It is the song we sing when all around us the prison walls of loneliness close in around us. Our lives are marked by the goodness of God, if we only had the eyes to see it. God’s goodness is the peace we seek in times of fear. God is good and He does good things. The truth that anchors our very souls. 

Psalm 139 – Exhale friend. You are alive. Today, if you are in Christ, you are alive. Life might feel hard and weary. But God has placed you in this place for a reason. God breathes His own breath into your lungs for a reason. There is purpose here. There is life here. Life is from Him and He doesn’t make mistakes. You know this. You say this to others. Say this about yourself today: “God doesn’t make mistakes about me.” God gives life to things that are dead. You are not dead. (Eph. 2:1-5) God has breathed life into this dead thing called your soul. And you were created by god and are known by god. This psalm reminds us of this!  

Psalm 150 – The last chapter of this wonderful book of the Bible brings us to the conclusion of our study. In the end, after we’ve learned so much about God (His character and acts throughout history) as well as our own emotions, what should our response be? It should be praise! Everything in the world should praise God because after everything He is and has done, that is the only response necessary! 

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