The 3 Best Christmas Reading Plans 

The 3 Best Christmas Reading Plans 

’Tis the season for hot chocolate, warm coffee, and cozy nights by the fire. One of the things I love about our new house is the fireplace! We love to spend our winter evenings by the fireplace and play board games, watch T.V. or simply read. Our family is so grateful for how the Lord has led us this year. This year has been hard. We began January 2022 with hopes, dreams, and excitement. In July our world flipped upside down and we had to move back to the United States. Ending this year feels strange, and uncertain, yet comforting. We know God has not let us down. We know God has big plans for our family and God’s love lives in our hearts through the work of the Spirit. Those are true, no matter how I feel. 

As you walk into this Christmas season, I want to encourage you to stay in God’s word. For a lot of us Christmas is a busy season, but God invites you to see Him this Christmas. May you use one of these Bible reading plans to continue to connect to God, even during a busy holiday season. 

The 3 Best Christmas Reading Plans

7-Day Christmas Bible Reading Plan

In this 7-Day Christmas Bible Reading Plan, you will find seven verses that take you through the entire Bible (in just 7 days) and trace the promise of Christ. From creation to the manger discover the joys, hopes, and promises of Jesus!

25-Day Christmas Bible Reading Plan

In this 25-Day plan, you will read about the life of Christ! Beginning with Jesus’s birth, travel through the life of Christ and end Christmas Day by reading about the resurrection and ascension of Jesus. See the plan here.

The Jesus Storybook Bible Advent Reading Plan

The Jesus Storybook Bible Advent Reading plan is one put together by the author. If you have the book, you can get the free advent reading plan here. It tells you which day to read what pages in the book. You can also purchase the book here. This book is not just for kids. Even as an adult, I love reading it.

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